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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 2959


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Radha Mitchell as Dr. Tora Hamilton
Rupert Graves as Duncan Guthrie
Ian McElhinney as D.I. McKie
David Robb as Richard Guthrie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bob An 8 / 10

Quite good!

First of all, I don't know why the notes / ratings here are so low - five is really so - so and this film is much better.

I did not really read the storyline of the film except that the woman is moving from New York to S Islands. So, that was what I knew and the rest of the film was interesting to me. It was rather on good pace. Not slow or too rushed. The acting was believable. The setting is good. The story is interesting and has some minor twists which are good. It keeps you guessing. I can not say that anything was predictable as many wrote.

I liked the movie. It was not really great and that blew me away, but for what it is - I give it eight!

Don't know whether because it is British, but the film kinda reminded me of those crime series from England my mother watches :) I don't know their names, but... somehow reminded me of that - and a bit of some Agatha Cristie movies.

Reviewed by BogdanH 7 / 10

Worth to see it

I'm not really a fan of thriller movies in which legends and cults are used for a plot. Because most are quite predictable and so it is Sacrifice. Thus, after reading a storyline at IMDb, I kinda knew what to expect.

I admit, main reason for watching this movie anyway, was Radha Mitchell. I just think, over the years, she's getting better and better. I can't judge her acting, but one is for sure: she leaves a mark in a movie.

So, even nothing really surprised me during watching Sacrifice, it got my attention all the time -it's something that makes a good movie in my eyes.

Thus, if you like such genre, I recommend seeing this movie. I give it 7 stars.

Reviewed by orkneyherald 1 / 10

Embarrassing to watch

Supposedly set in Shetland, this is embarrassing to watch. The film was obviously made in Ireland and I doubt the cast set foot in Scotland, let alone Shetland. The island of Unst, where the story takes place, is a beautifully barren island with a small population. How it is able to support a hospital that features in the film beggars belief. The number of staff needed vastly outnumbers the actual population of Unst. It also manages to change its name during the film.

There are an alarming number of trees visible for a what is described in the film as a treeless island.

The body that is found in a peat bog is clearly found in clay soil. The rituals featured by the "Druids and Vikings" never took place in Shetland and the Druids were never in Shetland.

For no reason at all one scene starts with a view of a fishing village that looks suspiciously like Pennan or Crovie - Why?

It would have been far better if the whole story had been set in a fictitious place.

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