Poltergeist II: The Other Side


Action / Horror

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JoBeth Williams as Diane Freeling
Heather O'Rourke as Carol Anne Freeling
Geraldine Fitzgerald as Gramma-Jess
Craig T. Nelson as Steve Freeling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgtking 10 / 10

A seriously underrated horror sequel, better than most

Despite the fact that 'E.T.' was released the same year, the first 'Poltergeist' was still quite a hit at the box office and with critics and viewers. The studio wanted a sequel, something that I don't think anyone expected to happen. I mean the end of the first one didn't really leave the door open and there weren't many questions left to be answered. But 4 years later we got one anyway, but like most sequels it was met with a mixed reaction. I've never understood why, and like many others, I feel 'Poltergeist II' is a vastly underrated and under-appreciated film.

Pros: Excellent performances from the returning cast members and the newcomers. Another great score by Jerry Goldsmith, which has classic themes and some memorable new ones. Has a darker and more sinister atmosphere than the original. Plenty frightening moments and images. There's also a few nice, sweet moments. Awesome creature and visual effects. Provides a pretty interesting back-story on the spirits. A terrifying villain in Reverend Kane. Well-paced. Some more cool set pieces, especially the one set in the garage.

Cons: The finale isn't bad per se, but the villain is done away with too fast and easily.

Final thoughts: A sequel this good doesn't come often. Unlike some other part 2s, like 'Amityville II: The Possession' for example, this one has heart in it. It isn't just another poor attempt to cash in on the name of the original. That's a sequel to be proud of.

My rating: 5/5

Reviewed by Gregory Kyprianou 6 / 10

A fun sequel to watch

I have seen this sequel to "Poltergeist" many times and have always enjoyed it as much as I did the first movie. You will find that most people who dislike this sequel do so for the simple fact that it's a "SEQUEL" to the original 1982 "Steven Spielberg" produced hit (surprise surprise!) and "Spielberg" was nowhere in sight this time around (so what!), not everybody cares about whether a big director is involved with a movie/sequel or not including myself.

The sequel is written & produced by "Mark Victor" & "Michael Grais" who co-wrote the original with "Steven Spielberg" and follows the doomed Freeling family four years after the original classic left off...

I have always regarded "Poltergeist II" as a worthy follow up with it's flaws (which it is) and can still not understand how this movie made it's way from a running time of "130" minutes down to a mere "91".

Its obviously down to MGM rushing the movie's production and ordering pathetic cuts. Some of this movie's editing is really poor and it's a shame because the movie is actually pretty good and only really falls apart at the end when you can see how bad a hack job this movie really received. They should have dropped "The Other Side" from the title because you only get to see it in the movie for about 2 minutes and what you do get to see is a rushed not-finished mess of a finale.

The Poltergeist franchise should have been sold to UNIVERSAL (The company "Steven Spielberg" first approached about the original). They would have given this movie the justice it deserved. As for the third movie "I really don't care" nothing could have saved the third movie from being bad". Even with it's problems, I still loved the character's from the first movie, the plot was on the right track and introduced us to one of the most memorable villains in horror sequel history, the evil "Reverend Kane" brilliantly portrayed by "Julian Beck", and while not being as productive as the original, the special effects held up too.

Wrapping everything up, this movie is a decent sequel and has the advantage of retaining most of the original cast from the first movie (minus "Dominique Dunne" who was murdered by her boyfriend shortly after filming the first movie) and there are some really good classic moments in this sequel, one being... "The Vomit Creature!"...check your Tequila for strange worms swimming around in it next time!.


Reviewed by Aaron1375 5 / 10

The dangers of drinking the worm in tequilla graphically displayed.

This sequel was okay at the theater when I saw it, but it wasn't great. Kind of an average film that adds plot points that really are a bit weak. We find out in this one that it was not necessarily the fact the little community was sitting on an old cemetery that was the problem in the first one, but rather that the house was over some burial ground of a cult. There is also this really old man that is a bit creepy wandering around looking for Carol Anne and the Freeling clan. I just think they wanted to add a more physical enemy, someone you could focus on. The family is now living with grandma, but strange stuff starts happening again. For some reason they want Carol Anne. An Indian guy comes to their aid and gives them advice and there are a series of happenings, but this one just isn't as good as the first one as it is very slow in places. The ending was just plain lame and only makes this one worse than it is. As not good as this is though, the next Poltergeist makes this one look a lot better. Some good scenes here and there, but ultimately this one disappoints. Though there is that memorable scene with the worm.

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