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Michael Peña as Miguel
Eva Longoria as Paulina
Ed Harris as Roy
Amy Madigan as Olivia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bikerhiker46 10 / 10

Made For Ed Harris...

Having worked as a photojournalist in New Mexico I am always a bit hesitant to watch movies purporting to depict the "Border Problem." Thus when I ran into this movie on Netflix I was at first hesitant to give it a try. Happily, my reservations proved unfounded as this turned out to be one of the best movies I've seen in the past year or two. The lead role was virtually made for Ed Harris and his stoic, unwordy, acting style fits into the theme like a hand fits into a custom made glove...just right! Residents of the American Southwest are not known for wordiness and Ed's quiet although intense acting more than rings true throughout...lending an air of authenticity all too rarely encountered these days.

Michael Peña, Amy Madigan, and Eva Longoria were all excellent and the cast fit together as well as the hand fit the custom made glove referred to earlier.

As far as comments made by other reviewers relating to the movie sidestepping the more controversial aspects of the current immigration scene I'm not sure I agree. It's a complex issue and any movie attempting to render solutions will fall flat. Surely it's more than enough to attempt to put a human face on what's become a political hot potato and media frenzy bullseye and this movie more than succeeded in doing that.

Reviewed by paulwaidelich 8 / 10

Great Story About Bad Neighbors

I am retired and living in Mexico. Like most Americans, I knew nothing about Mexicans, even though I grew up near the border. When I was in high school in the 60's, I would hear the garden hose come on at night. Being only 10 miles from the border, I would hear the quiet sounds of Mexicans getting a drink of water on their way North. My bedroom door was unlocked. These illegal aliens were 10 feet from my door. I had no fear of them, nor did I have any reason to.

Frontera is a movie about how little Mexicans and Americans understand one another. Americans, with their sense of entitlement, have no understanding of the aspirations of the less fortunate neighbors to the south. Mexicans have no understanding of how hard their Northern neighbors to own what they have. To Mexicans, we are all lazy rich people. To Americans, our neighbors to the south are whores and taxi drivers, not worthy.

The story begins realistically, a hopeful Mexican man hiking north, leaving his wife and family behind. He crosses the border on foot, his only crime is illegal entry. Bad stuff happens, all of it unnecessary, and all of it because of the suspicion and mistrust between neighbors in different countries and different worlds. There are few real villains in this movies for all the violence and hatred it displays. The misunderstanding between the two cultures is the real villain.

Ed Harris and his real life wife, Amy Madigan, are excellent. You won't recognize Eva Longoria without her slut makeup and push up bra. Surprise! She can act a little! Michael Pena also deserves praise for his portrayal of a man caught in a culture war while simply trying to obtain a better life for his family. The story works. People change, and have a better understanding of what each needs from the other. A good, entertaining film with a happy ending and a message of hope for two countries who could learn a lot from each other.

Reviewed by spooklines 10 / 10

a must see/great film!

To say that I enjoyed Frontera is an understatement … because I rarely ... take the time ... to write a review. So when I say I really enjoyed the film and was entertained, I am really thanking all involved for its production. This film had a western genre feeling to it that I personally like, and it had many social topics that plague our society, i.e., desperation, survival, rape, hate, man's inhumanity to his fellow man, et cetera. The actors' performances were superb in that the flat/stock/stereotypical characters were well-developed and rounded. Ed Harris' Texas Ranger Style of police work and justice was a bonus. I would have to say that this film/movie/picture had a little something for everyone. Again, the social and ethical implications regarding nepotism that sheriff was considering for his son, border issues, gun control, etc., were many and depicted quite well. This film is a must see – Great Job!

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