Elephant White


Action / Crime / Fantasy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Kevin Bacon as Jimmy
Djimon Hounsou as Curtie Church
Ron Smoorenburg as Bodyguard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Julian0922 7 / 10

The theme of the movie makes it special!

Although it a common action/thriller movie with lots of shootings its the actual theme of the movie that makes it worth watching. Child prostitution! A theme that is very very rarely covered and yet makes, according to the end of the movie billions of dollars each year.

Taken is the only movie I can remember that also had this theme. Elephant White is not as good as Taken, its missing some elements, but the story goes a bit deeper. Bacon plays Bacon, as usual, just his English accent its kinda funny.

Altogether, like I said, worth watching, for those who like action movies and for those who won't be shocked or disturbed to see how harsh real life really can be and obviously is, for some children!

Reviewed by stevensteeler 9 / 10

Entertaining Movie

The plot was simple and the acting OK, but overall I really enjoyed this movie. I don't know what people expect from a movie. There are many bad reviews for this one, but I found it to have just enough action and I love seeing bad guys getting what they deserve. Kevin Bacon's accent is overdone, but I think it is suppose to be. I thought it was pretty funny. The lead actor was cast perfectly. He is strong in every role I have seen him in. There is no love story, but every once in a while a director has the courage to make a movie without a love story. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who hates bad guys. Check it out.

Reviewed by jcramblet 5 / 10

If you can look past certain things you might enjoy this movie.

Was this the best movie I have ever seen? Absolutely not. Was it the worst movie I have ever seen? No again. This movie served one purpose, to showcase a martial arts, action and explosions. And to that effect, I think it hit its mark. I do have to say that the award for worst accent of 2010 goes to Kevin Bacon, but all in all I was entertained with the movie and have seen far more futile attempts in the past. I think the premise of the movie has entertaining, though done before. If you have the time to kill, I say give it a watch, but don't go sleepless at night because you haven't seen it yet. I say a solid 5 out of 10.

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