Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 1975


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Adrienne Barbeau as Dr. Kurtz
Shannon Tweed as Dr. Margo Hunt
Bill Maher as Jim
Pat Crawford Brown as Secretary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barnthebarn 4 / 10

She wants to eat me...

Truly ridiculous film from one time Full Moon Films Director/Writer J.F. Lawton who has gone on to write numerous more successful, and quite similar, films and series for cinema and television. This film is sometimes credited as launching star Bill Maher to comedy prime time though as the exploration guide to Dr. Margo Hunt (Shannon Tweed) and her assistant Bunny (Karen M. Waldron) he rarely shines in this watchable but mediocre movie. Tweed and co are sent in to the jungle to look for a scary man-eating tribe and to try and secure the future of Avocardos for the USA. There are direct parallels here with the current need for oil and in many ways, because of the current climate, the movie manages to become clever satire when this was probably never the intention. Several digs at the then growing women's movement are thrown in such as Maher's "She wants to eat me, see for yourself what the women's movement is all about" or the suggestion that no Feminist has advocated Feminism since the 1960s. These jokes aside however - and the obvious fact that the women are all 'sexy' and scantily clad - it is the women who are frequently shown to be smart and the men merely void of intelligence and only useful for the reproductive gene they hold. The Carl Dante music (a regular Full Moon composer at the time) is more than suitable and the film easily watchable, though perhaps only once.

Reviewed by monicker 9 / 10

A great satire on feminism and male/female relations

"Cannibal Women" is not only a movie that's so bad, it's good, it delivers right-on satirical jabs at feminism, machoism, and male/female relations. Not only do we have a conniving military and warring factions of cannibal women, but a local male tribe, "the Donahues".

The chemistry between Shannon Tweed and Bill Maher is perfect--this is definitely Tweed's best performance anywhere, and Maher is perfect as a chauvinistic, directionally-challenged jungle guide. Karen Mistal, who has the thankless job of playing college student/mindless bimbo/aspiring feminist/aspiring cannibal woman, plays her role without flaw, as well. Only Adrienne Barbeau, in a cameo role, seems stiff. But somehow, even her performance works.

For a low-budget comedy, this film surprisingly packs a lot of laughs and even a message or two. Great fun.

Reviewed by breakfastmanager 10 / 10

I didnt laugh once, but I still thought it was great!

I have got to say that this is one of the funniest movies of the 80's! Granted, it was done on a low budget, but who cares? I come to be entertained, and boy, was I!

Shannon Tweed was way better than the is when she doffs her duds, and Bill Maher was absolutely brilliant! I'm a huge fan, and it seemed like he was almost ad-libbing some of his more chauvinistic rants (if you see his stand-up and TV shows, you know what I'm talking about). Karen Mistal was fetching, and movie legend (yes, legend) Adrianne Barbeau was wonderful.

The barbs run so fast that when one misses, another quickly follows. When Maher comes to the realization that "Oh my God, you're marinating me!!" I almost wet myself.

I don't know anyone (other than my ex-wife) who has seen this that didn't love it. I highly recommend it!

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